I saw on Tumblr this morning someone saying that you can use butter to remove stains on vinyl dolls.  I never heard of such a thing and did not think it was a good idea.  I went to my Facebook Blythe411 group and asked about it.  Good thing that I did cause we learned it was not a good idea and actually has caused damage to Kenner Blythe legs.  I hope this information prevents other Blythe doll owners from using it and keeps Blythe dolls butter free and as cute as ever! 


Anonymous asked:

Did you know you can use butter to face ink stains on doll vinyl? Just smear it on the stain and sit in the sun until the stains fade.

oak23 answered:

Wait what.





Well, turns out someone actually tried it and the results are pretty surprising.

So I wonder if the keys to removing stains are heat/light + something to absorb the stain as it comes out of the vinyl when it’s heated, and the bleaching properties of the benzoyl peroxide aren’t really that important.

…and butter probably won’t leave faded spots all over the carpet like benzoyl peroxide that isn’t washed off the fingers does (guess how I know about that.)

I’m just curious as to how someone can do it without attracting ants. Cuz that’s how you get ants.

Good point.

Butter is not recommended on Blythe dolls at all.  Look what happened when it was used on legs.  https://www.flickr.com/photos/23185397@N07/2777869168/