Remember when Mindy posted a cartoon image of Mindy Lahiri on Instagram?  Here is more of the concept art that shows more of the logo, credits, and opening scenes. Found on ‘The Art of Henry John’, posted Oct. 25, 2012. Art was done at Elastic.tv

The caption on one of the posts says: "we wanted so bad for this opening title to be animated… but it didn’t go through… it was a lot of fun to make… heart breaking when we got the no go. But still, I got the concept work from it."

How cute would this opening title have been, can you just imagine a cartoon version of Danny, Morgan, Tamra, and the rest of Shulman & Associates?

found here: http://henryink.blogspot.com/search/label/mindy%20project

I love this show. I watched all 46 episodes on Netflix.ca recently. The pilot hooked me at the part where Mindy fell in the pool and was dissed by a talking doll! lol. There will be a 3rd season! Yay!!

I found the pilot on Hulu.com for US viewers.  I heard you can stream it from other countries via the hola app.  I have it for chrome and android.  I didn’t check for my iPod but it should be available just check the store and hopefully it will be there.  Here is the link to the actual show thanks to Hulu :)  Enjoy!!  http://www.hulu.com/watch/394815